Tribute Flags

Our 2021 Walks to De-feet Dementia are days of celebration, when the community takes action to provide hope to those living with dementia right here in North Carolina.

This year our events will include a new, graceful exhibit of tribute flags to acknowledge the impact of dementia on North Carolina. The installation will be unveiled on Sunday, September 26th at the 29th Annual Triangle Walk to De-feet Dementia at its new location, Fred Fletcher Park in Raleigh. Individuals can purchase tribute flags to “honor” loved ones, including multiple opportunities to add their flag(s) to the installation.

The exhibit will also travel to other events around the state, creating a growing, enduring annual memorial display to everyone impacted by dementia. Events include:

How it works:
Each flag is $15. If you would like 2 flags, please choose $30, 3 flags = $45, etc.

During the check out process, you will have the opportunity to enter who the flag is in honor of and we will write the name of your loved one on the flag. The flag will be displayed at the flag exhibit.  If you are planning to attend the flag exhibit, please indicate which location during the checkout process.

We will have a limited number available for purchase at each of the events listed above.