We stand by your side.

Whether you’re navigating concerns about your own memory or that of a cherished one, seeking guidance following a diagnosis, or experiencing increased challenges in coping with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, we provide the information you seek. The majority of our programs and services are available at no cost to individuals in North Carolina.

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina state’s go-to resource for local support, information and education about Dementia-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s. This local focus allows us to focus on building a state of caring, one caregiver, one individual and one interaction at a time. Our staff members have decades of experience supporting individuals and families facing Dementia-related issues.

Our caregiver support programs include: 

Dementia Navigation & Care Consultation: Our Dementia Navigators are trained to assess the specific needs of dementia caregivers and provide information, referrals and other forms of caregiver assistance.

Dementia Caregiver Assistance Program: This program is designated to help families throughout the state receive a one time financial assistance grant during a time of need, allowing caregivers temporary relief (respite) or resources for their caregiving journey.

Support Groups: Our Caregiver Support Groups offer a supportive community where caregivers can openly express their emotions, find solutions to common caregiving challenges in dementia, and access expert advice. They are a lifeline for caregivers seeking understanding, knowledge, and emotional relief on their caregiving journey.

Dementia Education: We provide in-person and online education for families and professional caregivers. By attending these workshops, conferences, and support groups, caregivers experience reduced stress and improved quality of life.

Music & Memory at Home: This evidence-based program helps people living with dementia find renewed joy and connection through personalized musical favorites.

Additional Resources: Dementia Alliance of North Carolina maintains a vast network of community resources. There are many resources available to help you make sense of the disease and the journey to come.