Caregiver Resources

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina maintains a vast network of community resources. There are many resources available to help you make sense of the disease and the journey to come.

The following resources have been compiled to help caregivers understand dementia and provide tools and resources to help them navigate the challenging journey ahead. For resources on specific topics, please reach out to our Dementia Navigation team by calling 919.832.3732. 

Getting a Diagnosis
Is There A Problem?
What Now … Navigating a Dementia Diagnosis

Supporting the Caregiver
Caring for the Caregiver
Caregiver Education & Workshops
Caregiver Education Online Videos
Dementia Navigations and Help Line
North Carolina Support Groups
Ten Absolutes of Caregiving

Respite & Caregiver Assistance Resources
Dementia Alliance Caregiver Assistance Fund
Hilarity For Charity Caregiver Respite Program
Lifespan Respite
Project CARE (Caregiver Alternatives to Running on Empty)

Managing Stress as a Caregiver
10-Minute Stress Tamers
10 Warning Signs of Caregiver Stress
Holiday Stress & Peace for the Holidays
Is It Time to Get Help?
Tips for Traveling

Care Options and Directories
All NC Licensed Facilities
Memory Care in North Carolina
North Carolina Adult Day Care Centers
North Carolina Nursing Home Facilities
What is A Memory Care Facility?
When to Consider Memory Care
What to Expect in A Memory Care Facility 

North Carolina Aging Resources
Dementia Capable NC
North Carolina Area Agencies on Aging

Legal and Financial
Medicare Advantage Plans
Five Wishes

Communication and Managing Behaviors
How to Connect with the Person Living with Dementia
Communication & Dementia
Empathetic Communication
Understanding Behaviors

Connection with your Person Living with Dementia
Companion Robotic Pets Program
Activity Kit Ideas
Minders Activity Kits
Music & Memory at Home

National Disease Specific Organizations
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Lewy Body Dementia Association
The Association for Fronto Temporal Dementia

Other Useful Resources
The Alzheimer’s Store
MedicAlert Foundation
NIH National Institute on Aging Alzheimer’s Caregiving
NIH Free Publications on Dementia
Positive Approach to Care – Teepa Snow
TAP Unlimited -Triangle Aphasia Project