Music & Memory at Home

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina has become a certified Music & Memory at Home provider

Music & Memory is an evidence-based, field-tested program which helps people living with dementia find renewed joy and connection to life through musical favorites.  Our volunteer team is trained to help you develop a personalized playlist on a digital music player for your family member’s use.

Our trained staff and volunteers engage persons with dementia and their family or care partner on how to identify beloved music, develop a personalized playlist, and use the Music & Memory at Home Kit, which includes a digital music player uploaded with the person’s favorite music, headphones, a bluetooth speaker and written guides.

How does Personalized Music Make a Difference at Home? 

  • Helps your family member ‘age in place’ and remain at home longer
  • Provides respite and tools for you and in-home care professionals
  • Eases the stress of transitioning from one environment to another
  • Offers a low-cost, effective option to reduce reliance on mood-altering medications

Who Can Participate?  

Any North Carolinian with a dementia diagnosis still living in a home setting.  Both the primary caretaker and the program listener must be located in NC. There is no charge to the family for this program, it is our gift to the family to use throughout the dementia journey.

Interested?  Download our New Listener Packet to your desktop and complete the questionnaire offline. Once completed, save file with the name of the recipient and e-mail it to or mail a printed copy to:
Dementia Alliance of NC, 9131 Anson Way, Suite 206, Raleigh, NC 27615.

Online forms available upon request.