Support Groups

A caregiver support group can act as a positive outlet providing caregivers a regular time for social interaction outside of the home. The groups offer a safe place where any negative emotions about caregiving can be expressed and validated (like anger, frustration and grief), helping participants feel like they are NOT alone. Support groups also help caregivers maintain balance by doing something for themselves instead of always caring for their loved one.

Caregivers can gather ideas on how others deal with common challenges of caring for a loved one during each of the stages of dementia, and have the opportunity to help others who are new to caregiving by offering tips on what has and hasn’t worked well for them. In addition, many groups offer an educational component with expert advice on caregiving topics.

  • Do you need caregiving resources for your area?
  • Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Are you depressed? Tired? Rundown?
  • Would you like to have additional caregiving coping strategies?
  • Would you like to have the support of other caregivers who “understand” caregiving?
  • Do you want a support system?
  • Have you ever wanted someone to be there for you?
  • Would you like to acquire more education from other caregivers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’d like to encourage you to attend one of the support groups in your community.

  • Consider how often the group meets. Bi-monthly or monthly?
  • What time of day is convenient for you? Daytime or evening?
  • Is the location of the group easily accessible for you?
  • What kind of group is it? Caregivers, individuals with dementia, male only, etc.?
  • Is the group for support or education, or a combination of both?
  • What is the size of the group?

We are committed to offering local support groups throughout the state of North Carolina so location is never a factor hindering a caregiver from attending a group session. If you are searching for a local support group, simply click on your county below to access our current list. Contact information and schedules for groups in your area will pop up. And please contact us directly at (919) 832-3732 for more information or to speak to one of our CARE Navigators about additional resources for caregivers in North Carolina.

Due to the pandemic, many of our support groups have transitioned to online Zoom meetings or conference calls. Please contact a facilitator in your county if you are interested in joining their online support group. Look for (virtual via Zoom) listings below

Not Familiar with Zoom Meetings? Check on these flyers on:

Senior Planet and AARP host free webinars on how to use Zoom. Check out their Facebook page for a schedule

Support group facilitator trainings are held several times a year. Check our our events calendar for more information


Click on your county below to access our current list.

FTD Caregivers Burlington 3rd Tues 6:00 PM 919-632-8083 Kathy LaFone
Burlington 3rd Tues 11:00 AM 336-532-0000 Kathleen Little
Graham 3rd Week Call for info 336-223-8099 Sarai Serrano
Sparta 2nd Tues 6:00 PM 919-868-6675 Jay Woodruff
Wadesboro 3rd Wed 2:00 PM 704-6946616 Rita Short


4th Mon 5:30 PM 252-974-1837 Tamyra Jovel
4th Tues 5:30PM 252-974-1837 Tamyra Jovel
Bolivia 3rd Thurs 10:00 PM 910-796-7975 Sonia Cardoso
Calabash 4th Wed 2:00 PM 910-754-6224 Rene Tarquinio
Leland 1st & 3rd Tues 10:00 AM 516-510-8925 Eileen Scanlon
Leland 2nd & 4th Thurs 10:00 AM 516-510-8925 Eileen Scanlon
Leland 2nd Thurs 10:00 AM 910-754-3658 Sandy Procaro
Via Zoom Shallotte 2nd Tues 10:00 AM 910-754-2300 Laura Collins
Via Zoom Sunset Beach 2nd Tues 1:00 PM 910-579-1005 Judy Rochlage
Supply 2nd Thurs 2:00 PM 910-754-8450 Tikila Morgan
Southport 4th Wed 10:00 AM 910-471-1271 Beth Caragol
Southport 3rd Wed 1:00 PM 513-317-5231 Barbara Grever
Via Zoom Asheville 3rd Tues 1:00 PM 828-230-4143 Mary Donnelly
Via Zoom Black Mountain 2nd Tues 9:30 AM 828-230-4143 Mary Donnelly
In-Person Asheville 3rd Tues 2:00 PM 828-277-8288 x 1301 Steffie Duginske
Via Zoom Asheville 3rd Tues 5:00 PM 828-277-8288 x 1301 Steffie Duginske
Via Zoom Woodfin 4th Tues 1:00 PM 828-301-0740 Pat Hilgendorf
Morganton 3rd Mon 5:30 PM 828-430-4147 Mary Mitchell
Concord 1st Wed 12:15 PM 704-795-1200 Catherine Brown
In Person
3rd Thurs 2:00 PM 828-758-2883 April Austin
Via Zoom Morehead City Every Thursday 1:00 PM 252-638-3185×3011 January Brown
Hickory 2nd Tues 1:00 PM 828-328-2269 Mary Mitchell
Conover 4th Thurs 1:00 PM 828-838-1564 Mary Mitchell
In person Pittsboro 3rd Mon 6:00 PM 919-542-4512 Rodney Dietrich
Via Google Pittsboro 4th Mon 6:00 PM 919-742-3975 William Riggsbee
Pittsboro Wed 12:00 PM 919-545-7337 Chuck Fleming
Pittsboro 1st Wed 1:30 PM 919-545-9573 Angela de Muinck
New Bern 1st Wed 1:00 PM 252-636-0831 Nancy Willett
New Bern 1st Mon 4:00 PM 252-638-1790 Alissa Andrewsbrown Please call Craven County Senior Services if interested at 252-638-1790
Fayetteville 3rd Tues 2:00 PM 910-615-1633 Sam Hutchison
Fayetteville 1st Wed 2:00 PM 910-615-1633 Sam Hutchison
Fayetteville 3rd Thurs 12:30 PM 910-323-4191×23 Carla Smith
In-Person Fayetteville 1st Wed 11:30 AM 910-484-0111×242 Lisa Hughes
Via Zoom Fayetteville 2nd Tues 4:30 PM 910-484-0111×242 Lisa Hughes
Via Zoom Fayetteville 3rd Wed 11:30 AM 910-484-0111×242 Lisa Hughes
Kitty Hawk 3rd Thurs 1:00 PM 252-480-3354 Gail Sonnesso
Kill Devil Hills 2nd Wed 2:30 PM 908-642-7828 Anne Kelleher
Mocksville 2nd & 4th Tues 10:00AM 336-753-6233 Kelly Sloan
Lexington 3rd Wed 2:00 PM 336-249-2155 Catherine Pyle
Thomasville 2nd Tues 6:00 PM 336-472-7171 Onika Jones
Kenansville 1st Tues 6:00 PM 910-296-2140 Melisa Brown
Evening Care Partner Zoom Durham 2nd & 4th Thurs 6:30 PM 919-660-7542 Natalie Leary
Caregiver of somone in LTC Zoom Durham 3rd Tues 12:00 PM 919-660-7543 Natalie Leary
Caregivers in African American Zoom Durham 3rd Tues 7:00 PM 919-660-7508 Tiffany Summers
Young onset Zoom Durham 2nd & 4th Tues 7:00 PM 919-660-7565 Janeli McNeal
Person Living w/Dementia Zoom Durham 3rd Mon 11:00 AM 919-660-7565 Janeli McNeal
Daughters  Zoom Durham 1st & 3rd Wed 12:00PM 919-660-7509 Bobbi Matchar
Morning Care Partner Via Zoom Durham 2nd Tues 10:30 AM 919-660-7509 Bobbi Matchar
Morning Care Partner in-person Durham 4th Wed 10:30 AM 919-660-7508 Tiffany Summers
Via Conference Call
2nd Tues 1:00 PM 252-641-5831 Deborah Coley
FTD Caregivers Winston-Salem 2nd Mon 7:00PM 336-399-6968 Rona Klein
Winston-Salem Every Wed 11:00 AM 336-724-2155 Sharon Welborn
Winston-Salem Every Fri 12:15 PM 336-724-2155 Sharon Welborn
In-Person Kernersville 2nd & 4th Mon 10:00 AM 336-992-3180 Debbie Cornatzer
(Virtual & In Person)
3rd Mon 7:00 PM 919-496-1131 Wendy Hunter
Oxford 1st Tues 2:30 PM 919-690-3237 Gail Barnes-Hall
Snow Hill
(Virtual Via Zoom)
4th Wed 2:00 PM 252-747-5436 Sharon Harrison
In-Person Greensboro 2nd Mon 12:30 PM 336-545-4245 Jodi Kolada
In-Person Greensboro Last Tues 6:00 PM 336-545-4245 Jodi Kolada
In-Person High Point 1st Wed 1:00 PM 336-545-4245 Jodi Kolada
Male only caregiver Via Zoom Greensboro 1st Wed 11:00 AM 336-373-4248 Alexis Williams
Via Zoom Greensboro 2nd Thurs 7:00 PM 336-373-4248 Alexis Williams
Via Zoom Greensboro 4th Tues 10:00 AM 336-373-4248 Alexis Williams
In Person
2nd Wed 12:30 PM 252-234-5958 Rebecca Stapleton
Roanoke Rapids 3rd Wed 12:30 PM 252-234-5984 Ashleigh Glover
Scotland Neck
In Person
4th Tues 12:30 PM 252-826-2891 Hattie Staton
In-Person Lillington 3rd Wed 10:00 AM 910-814-6075 Marcie Wood
Waynesville 4th Tues 5:30 PM 828-926-0018 Marian Badgley
Via Zoom Fletcher 1st Tues 1:00 PM 828-301-0740 Pat Hilgendorf
PLWD/ Caregiver Hendersonville 2nd & 4th Thurs 1:00 PM 603-387-2719 Jan Naylor
Hendersonville 3rd Tues 3:30 PM 828-696-9799 Lisa Kauffman
Spouse Group Hendersonville 3rd Tues 1:30 PM 828-696-9799 Lisa Kauffman
4th Tues 11:00AM 252-974-1837 Tamyra Jovel
FTD Caregivers
3rd Monday 10:30 AM 704-442-5594 Charles Elligson
In-Person Northampton 3rd Wed 11:00AM 252-574-0229 Theresa Scott
Via Zoom Clayton 4th Thurs 6:00 PM 919-934-6066 Joyce Holloman
Via Zoom Smithfield 4th Thurs 1:30 PM 919-934-6066 Joyce Holloman
Via Zoom Sanford 1st/3rd Thurs 1:00PM 919-776-0501 x 2230 Ellen Dunlap
Kinston 2nd Thurs 5:00 PM 252-361-1750 Amanda Young


Lincoln In-Person Lincolnton 3rd Tues 2:00 PM 704-736-8410 Kelly Kinard
In-Person Franklin 1st Thurs 2:00 PM 828-349-2058 Kim Crawford
Mars Hill 2nd Tues 10:00 AM 828-680-9024 Carolyn Fields
2nd Mon 11:00 AM 252-974-1837 Tamyra Jovel
FTD Caregivers
2nd Sunday 3:00PM 704-442-5594 Charles Elligson
3rd Wed 1:00 PM 704-348-2708 Austin Caton
In-Person Pinehurst 1st Tues 11:00 AM 910-695-0011 Robin Hutchings
In-Person Pinehust 3rd Tues 5:30 PM 910.692.0683 Stephanie Blue
In-Person Pinehurst Every Wed 10:30 AM 910-715-4224 Kelly Pritchard
In-Person Pinehurst 1st Wed 4:00 PM 910-690-7579 Rebecca Ainslie
In-Person Southern Pines 3rd Thurs 5:00 PM 910.692.0683 Stephanie Blue
In-Person Southern Pines 2nd Wed 11:30 AM 910.692.0683 Ashley Seace
In-Person West End 3rd Tues 11:00 AM 910-947-4186 Alveda Person
In Person
3rd Tues 3:00 PM 252-459-1691 Wendy Perry
In Person
2nd Tues 3:00 PM 252-459-1691 Wendy Perry
Via Zoom Wilmington 1st Tues 12:00 PM 910-274-0343 Kandance Gray
Wilmington 1st Mon 10:00 AM 910-512-2407 Gail Gibson
Early Stage Individuals/Caregivers Wilmington 3rd Wed 10:00AM 910-798-6445 Andrew Zeldin
Via Zoom Wilmington 2nd Mon 11:30 AM 910-392-6899 Holly Hines
Wilmington 2nd Thurs 10:00 AM 910-796-7975 Sonia Cardoso
Engagement group for PLWD/caregivers Wilmington 4th Thurs 2:00 PM 910-796-7975 Sonia Cardoso
Wilmington 1st Tues 11:00 AM 910-796-7975 Sonia Cardoso
Via Zoom Wilmington 4th Mon 5:30 PM 336-558-6539 Carol Wise
Wilmington 2nd Mon 5:30 PM 336-558-6539 Carol Wise
Creative outlet for caregivers Wilmington 2nd Tues 1:00 PM 910-798-6435 Becky Hayes
In Person
3rd Wed 11:00 AM 252-574-0229 Theresa Scott
provides adult day care services Jacksonville 2nd Tues 2:00 PM 910-989-3007 Charmony Clark
Jacksonville 3rd Wed. 2:00 PM 910-355-1996 Traci Marks
Chapel Hill
(In Person & Zoom)
2nd/4th Fri 10:30AM 919-245-4253 Kim Lamon-Laperfido
Chapel Hill
(Virtual Via Zoom)
3rd Wed 12:00 PM 919-967-7570 Paul Klever
(Virtual Via Zoom)
2nd & 4th Thurs 1:00 PM 919-245-4278 Kendall Kopchick
Bayboro 1st &  3rd Mon 2:00 PM 252-745-7196 Violet Ollison
Roxboro 4th Thurs 6:00 PM 336-599-7484 Maynell Harper
(In person, socially distanced)
2nd Mon 1:00 PM 252-404-7090 Lynne Raisor
Farmville 2nd Monday 10:00 AM 252-531-9460 Edwina Bailey
Greenville 4th Tues 6:00 PM 252-414-3230 Amanda Biggs
Greenville 2nd Thurs 1:00 PM 252-916-2374 Kathy Dosser
Greenville 3rd Tues 10:00 AM 252-847-0550 Mary Hall
FTD – Via Zoom Columbus Every Mon & Sat 7:00 PM 917-312-9012 Richard Ruben
Pembroke 1st Tues 5:00 PM 910-775-9779 Stephanie Powers
(In Person & Zoom)
2nd Thurs 6:00 PM 336-347-2328 Asheley Cooper


Salisbury 4th Thurs 5:30 PM 704-603-2778 Teresa Dakins
Albemarle 3rd Tues 10:00 AM 704-986-3769 Emily McCallum
Albemarle 1st Fri 10:00AM 704-986-3769 Emily McCallum
King/Danbury 1st Tues 6:30 PM 336-983-075 Paula Hall
Via Zoom Apex 4th Thurs 7:00 PM 919-319-1294 Peggy Kline
Online Apex 2nd Thurs 10:30 AM 919-303-9990 Tonya Headen-Lee
Cary 2nd Mon 7:00 PM 919-630-9232 Lou Paules
Cary 3rd Thurs 10:00 AM 919-961-6589 Kathy Montero
Via Zoom Cary 3rd Tues 10:30 AM 919-447-4494 Mary Arthur
Cary Last Sat 10:00 AM 919-460-5959 Lynn Bailey
Cary 2nd Thurs 1:00 PM 919-413-8130 Linda Fuller
Fuquay Varina 1st Tues 6:30 PM 919-210-7525 Kathy Seawell
Knightdale 1st Wed 7:00 PM 919-815-8128 Jennifer Dewberry Taylor
Caregiver class/support -Zoom Wake Forest 2nd Wed 2:00 PM 828-429-7905 Pat Synder
Caregiver class/support – In-Person Wake Forest 3rd Wed 10:00 AM 828-429-7905 Pat Synder
Raleigh 2nd Mon 10:00 AM 919.832.3732 Dee Dee Harris
Via Zoom Raleigh 3rd Tues 1:00 PM 919-832-3732 Dee Dee Harris
Via Zoom Raleigh 3rd Thurs 6:00 PM 919-847-3202 Tracy Taylor
Lewy Body Dementia – Zoom Raleigh 2nd Thurs 10:00 AM 919-616-2776 Loree Idol
FTD Caregivers – Zoom Raleigh 3rd Tues 7:00 PM 919-538-4827 Paul Lester
Raleigh 919-946-0876 Chad Thomsen
Via Zoom Raleigh 3rd Mon 6:00 PM 919-848-0303 Rachel Strauss
Raleigh 1st Wed 1:00 PM 919-675-3155 Kathleen Boate
Via Zoom Raleigh 3rd Wed 7:00 PM 919-215-2331 Lynne Carpenter
Raleigh 1st Wed 10:00 AM 919-656-5152 George Miller
Via Zoom Raleigh 2nd & 4th Wed 3:00PM 919-832-7227 Matt Frazier
Plymouth 1st Thurs 5:30 PM 252-793-3816 Vanessa Joyner
In-Person Wilson 4th Thurs 6:00 PM 252-237-9050 Ginger Jones
In-Person Wilson 3rd Mon 2:00 PM 252-363-6282 Michelle Parrish
In-Person Wilson 3rd Tues 11:00 AM 252-243-2773 Janelle Clevinger
Burnsville 4th Thurs 2:00 PM 850-228-1228 April Henkel