by Rosalind Scott

This year Dementia Alliance of North Carolina highlighted two of its book club care partners in honor of Black History Month.

Caregiving for someone can be overwhelming, no matter the care needed.  However, statistics have proven that caring for an individual with a Dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis is twice as overwhelming and challenging.

We also recognize that there are other factors that can make this type of caregiving a hard journey such as gender, cultural differences, and frequency or prevalence.

During Black History month we focused on the cultural aspect of Dementia caregiving by sharing the following facts:

  • There are 2.3 million Black Male caregivers in a caregiving role.
  • Church and religious organizations are important sources of support.
  • Statistics reveal African American caregivers’ stress levels are reduced due to a greater sense of community and stronger family ties.

Caring for an individual with this diagnosis is hard for anyone, however, the approach, perceived support, and community or family can have a major impact on a caregiver’s well-being.

We are thankful for each and every caregiver and the hard work, determination, and commitment that they contribute to the care of an individual or loved one.

So thank you, Dementia Alliance Family, for supporting us in our efforts to honor Black History Month.

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