by Dementia Alliance of NC

At Dementia Alliance of NC, we know by the increasing number of requests for our services that the number of caregivers in North Carolina is rising rapidly. We are also seeing more requests from a younger and more diverse populations as increasing numbers of Gen Z and millennials like Porche Hughes become caregivers for their families.

This new generation of caregivers is facing additional challenges as they make personal and professional sacrifices, including disruptions to higher education, to help take care of their loved ones. According to a recent report from the AARP Public Policy Institute, younger caregivers face financial risks such as lost income, reduced career opportunities and savings, and subsequently lower Social Security and retirement benefits of their own:

  • On average, Millennials spend 21 hours per week on caregiving – the equivalent of a part-time job
  • 3 in 4 Millennial caregivers are employed – with 54% experiencing negative impacts on their paid work
  • Over half of Millennial caregivers are African American, Hispanic, Latino, or Asian American/Pacific Islander
  • On average, Millennial caregivers, who make far less than their older counterparts, spend $6,800/year on out-of-pocket caregiving costs

The good news is that these younger caregivers like Porche are more likely to reach out for help through technology, social media and the internet to problem solve and mobilize support systems to cope with these shifting roles. At DA-NC, we are encouraged by their energy, talent and compassion. This new generation of caregivers has tremendous potential to become the advocates, leaders and voters we all need to demand legislators protect our aging population and those that care for them.