Research Advisory Panel

The Dementia Alliance of North Carolina Research Advisory Panel was established in March of 2018. The goal of the Advisory Panel is to help create a career pipeline through our grant award opportunities that’s essential to advancing innovative therapies for age-related diseases and discoveries, thus helping us all live healthier, longer lives.

The dedicated professionals and scientists on our panel who will review grant applications bring a depth of expertise and breadth of scientific knowledge that is unmatched in the field of aging research and dementia.

Grant award opportunities will provide flexible support at a critical juncture in the career of new and emerging dementia investigators when research funding is most difficult to obtain, and may not only support a scientist’s specific research but also advance their career in the field.

These “seed” grants will hopefully serve as a catalyst to help an investigator obtain subsequent funding, publication and career advancement. We expect these new researchers to be at the forefront of advancing our knowledge of the aging process and our understanding of the diseases of aging.

Grants will provide early career investigators in multiple disciplines with up to $100,000 for one to two years to support research focused on aging processes and age-related diseases.


Harvey Jay Cohen, MD
Professor of Medicine and Director, Center for Aging and Human Development, Duke University, Durham, NC

Gordon H. DeFriese, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Schools of Medicine and Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Stephanie Lederman, EdM
Executive Director, American Federation for Aging Research, New York, NY

Gregg Warshaw, MD
Professor of Family Medicine and Geriatrics, UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC