About Purple Restaurant Week

All events and activities associated with Johnston County’s Purple Restaurant Week have been postponed to prevent the potential spread of coronavirus.  This website will be monitored and regularly updated with information regarding a new date for Purple Restaurant Week and participating establishments. 

When: Sunday, April 19 – Saturday, April 25th –  CANCELED – New Date Pending

What: Purple Restaurant Week is the 2020 annual fundraiser in Johnston County for Dementia Alliance of North Carolina (DA-NC). It is a week long dining festival at local restaurants

Who: Any restaurant can take part in the event.

Why: More than 170,000 people in North Carolina are affected by all forms of dementia. At Dementia Alliance of NC (DA-NC), our goal is to provide individualized Comfort, timely Assistance, relevant Resources and the latest in dementia Education to communities across North Carolina.

In 2019, our expert staff walked with 13,000 families in 64 counties as trusted guides on their journey through dementia. We focus ALL of our efforts locally, offering insight and compassionate support to those living with or caring for individuals with this debilitating diagnosis.


Restaurant Benefits

Participation is easy! You can choose to participate in fixed price lunches and/or dinners, or you can pledge to donate the greater amount of 15% or $250 to Dementia Alliance of NC at the end of your participation day(s).

Benefits include:
• Event branding and promotion is organized by DA-NC Event Committee
• You choose to participate all week or select day(s)
• You can choose for your meals to be dine-in or carry-out
• Restaurant week allows you to reach and impress new customers with your food and service
• Potential of new guests to becoming repeat customers
• Loyal customers will be inspired to try new menu items
• Taking part in restaurant week will boost your reputation and visibility in your community
• Participating in your city’s restaurant week will help improve the local economy, build your city’s reputation, and improve tourism
• Free marketing for restaurant
• Donation is tax-deductible
• Exposure to DA-NC Audience (see below)
• Opportunity to support an impactful cause

Dementia Alliance of NC target audience includes:
• extended families
• medical communities
• academia
• social services
• assisted living providers

DA-NC has 2,398 Facebook followers, 9,124 email subscribers and 204 Instagram followers.

To participate please complete this form

You may also download this kit and mail form to:

Dementia Alliance of North Carolina
Att: Skylar Edwards
9131 Anson Way, Suite 206
Raleigh, NC 27615