The Holidays Will Look Different

So it’s mid-November and we are all starting to think about “the holidays.” This year, no matter where you are and no matter who you are, the holidays will look different. Whether it’s a full turkey dinner socially distanced outside or a TV tray with your favorite take-out in front of the computer, the world has changed.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that the holidays are stressful, and especially so for caregivers. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to consider in an effort to lighten your caregiving load.

  1. Go with the Flow: So the world is on lock-down and visiting with others is discouraged. Let’s take advantage of this and roll with the changes.
    No travel – OK celebrate at home
    No guests – OK let’s keep the most meaningful traditions and adapt them, and let the rest go
  2. Downsize: Instead of cooking for 10 or 15 or 20 people, let’s keep things small this year. It’s been a year of short cuts and creativity, let’s stick with that. Take shortcuts, keep it simple.
  3. Give yourself Permission: Need to celebrate the day before or two days after the holiday? Give yourself permission. Need to make only a few holiday treats instead of your usual amount? Give yourself permission.
  4. Give PRESENCE instead of presents: Tight on time and/or money, that’s ok. Instead of buying something people may not really need anyway, why not set up a video chat or phone call and spend 30 minutes of focused time with them.
    Cook along with the grandkids and show them how to make your famous cookies
    Catch up with that friend you haven’t seen since February
    Spend time reminiscing with your loved one living with dementia and take joy in the moment

Human connection is key, don’t underestimate the value of your undivided attention.

And finally, I am sharing a great article written by my friend, Melanie Bunn, MS, RN. While things are different, there are still many ways to find PEACE for the holidays.