The Miraculous Mile!

Yup, its just a mile! And its flat, straight, and on a protected street with no cars!

Walk, run, bike, push someone else, rollerblade, skip, jump, moonwalk, use ski poles, whatever you like. Do the full ½ mile out & back, or a part.

For someone living with dementia (or any chronic disease) and/or their caregiver, a mile can be a challenge. Sometimes its not about the distance, as much as it is about the required attention span. So yes, walking a mile can be a miracle sometimes.

Join and support Dementia Alliance of North Carolina’s Walk to De-feet Dementia on Saturday, April 27 at 8:30 am to celebrate the life of a special person living with dementia or someone who you may have lost.  And if you have not been touched by dementia, come out anyway; support those who are on the incredibly difficult dementia journey. You may learn something that will help you touch someone’s life tomorrow. After all, it’s just a mile!


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