You could turn $10 turn into over $10,000!

A generous donor has challenged us to find 30 new monthly sustainers by July 15, 2020 to qualify for a $10,000 matching gift!

Our Sustainers CARE Club is made up of people who have made a commitment to supporting our work by making a monthly contribution. This continued support ensures our long-term stability as an organization and allows us to build meaningful change and unmatched Comfort, Assistance, Resources and Education for caregivers and their loved ones on both the local and statewide level.

Many of you know from personal experience that caring for a loved one with dementia is a huge undertaking in the best of times. And right now, during this pandemic, these duties are made even more challenging.

With over 180,000 North Carolinians living with dementia, now is the time to act. You can give hope to those facing the challenges inherent with the diseases causing dementia.

Your sustaining support is critical in helping us increase our reach and impact across the state.

Will you be one of our 30 new Sustainers CARE Club members and help us receive the $10,000 grant?

Will you invest in helping caregivers, providing education, and supporting research, all to improve the quality of those 180,000 lives?

With your support, we can:

    • Continue to deepen and expand our CARE programs that provide access to unmatched Comfort, Assistance, Resources and Education for caregivers and their loved ones.
    • Provide access to our Dementia Navigation Team for individuals and caregivers seeking tailored resource referrals, respite, dementia counselling and assistance to help them have the highest possible quality of life.
    • Develop and deliver educational seminars and training featuring North Carolina and internationally acclaimed dementia care experts to inform and equip caregivers, professionals and the public.
    • Provide support for research initiatives being conducted at the local and state level.


Paula Adams

Diane Amidon

Susan Atkinson
In Honor of Michael Alcock

Robert Carpenter
In Honor of Barbara Ford

Yvonne Copeland

Gary Fuquay

Mary B. Greene
In Memory of Vivian Greene-Benjamin

Mary Hester

JoAnne Hooper

Joan M. Horstmann

Brenda Johnson

Margaret Kane

Shelley Kane
In Honor of Ruth & Mary Stall

Carol Frances Keating

Linda Kim

Joe King

Autumn Konz

Kathy LaFone
In Memory of Tim LaFone

Carol Lancaster

Paul Lester
In Memory of Arnette Lester

Sandi Massey
In Memory of Herbert Hall

Vivian McLaurin
In Memory of Barbara Pilkington

Regina Murray
In Honor of Emily Murray Doyle

Diana Shark
In Memory of Helen Shark

Nancy J. Stefansson

Don Steichen
This is dedicated to helping find a cure for the millions of people just like my father Don who suffer from this disease

Rachel Strauss

Kent Thompson

Paige Van Lenten
In Honor of Dee Dee Harris

Jean Williams