Paving the Way

You have the power to help Dementia Alliance of North Carolina raise $65,000 to navigate 650 families through their dementia diagnosis by providing them with personalized local resources and education to give care and confidence during what can feel like an overwhelming time.

“After my mother died in March of this year, I reconnected with DA-NC.  I explained that my father did not remember my mother’s death and continued to look for her everyday.  I would have to gently explain that she had passed away and it broke my heart every time. My father would fall apart asking how it happened and why he didn’t know about it.  Dee Dee had invaluable guidance and gave me specific words that I could use when talking with my father.  Her guidance helped me create a harmonious conversation, leaving him feeling loved and safe.”  I am so grateful for all of the support I received from Dementia Alliance.”

-Michelle Colgate

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This group of allies is going the extra mile to make a special campaign gift or reach out to their personal and professional networks to ask for support for the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina caregivers and people living with dementia.

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