community outreachOur communities are the backbone of our organization. The Dementia Alliance of North Carolina maintains a presence by providing information, and promoting the issues that matter most to dementia caregivers and families. We engage with private and public organizations in community outreach, grassroots activities, fundraising events and educational forums statewide to support and sustain our caregiver programs and to increase public awareness of the growing impact and prevalence of dementia in our aging population here in North Carolina. Since 1982, we have worked to develop key contacts in communities to support these efforts.

We strive to establish and maintain visible and effective coalitions and partnerships in multicultural communities to provide and support multicultural involvement. We seek out opportunities for organizations and businesses to connect with the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina by promoting education programs, support groups and events that can be scheduled on site at employer locations.

In March 2015, the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina became a founder and key player in the development of the North Carolina Alzheimer’s Coalition, which oversees coordination and implementation of the North Carolina Alzheimer’s state plan. In partnership with the NC Department of Health & Human Services, along with the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, we helped fund and establish Dementia Capable North Carolina: A Strategic Plan Addressing Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias. This became public record in 2016.

Learn more about the ways we engage in community outreach by clicking on one of the following topics:

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Partner Organizations

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Dementia Friendly NC Initiatives

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Events & Calendar